How Can I Install Belkin Wireless Router| Belkin Router Setup

When you try to install belkin wireless router for the first time. it can be little hard for you. because the new belkin router needs a setup disk to install it first time.
this post is about how to setup belkin smart wifi router. If you need guide to install the wireless router. this article is for you. you should read it and use the guide:

install belkin router, setup belkin router

To install a new belkin router, you need to following things.

  1. PC or smartphone.
  2. ethernet cable.
  3. Internet connection.

Step1: Install Belkin Router:

these three things will be required to install a new router. if you do have these all things with you. you may go ahead and start following the instructions given below.

  • unbox your belkin router from the box.
  • Take an ethernet cable and connect it from ISP modem to internet port of the router.
  • take another ethernet cable and connect that cable from belkin router to the PC.
  • Now, power on your modem and router, and wait for one minute. let’s see if you can see the solid blue or green light or blinking orange light.
  • If you are getting solid green light now, you need to jump to the step 2. but if you can see blinking orange light, then you need to visit:

Why is my Belkin router blinking orange?

Step 2: setup belkin router 

once you will install the belkin router. it’s a time to setup belkin router, you may also say it’s a time to configure your wifi router.

  • open the web browser, and type in the top address bar.
  • Now you will able to see the setup page, here you need to click on detect my connection.
  • once, you will click on detect my connection, it will start looking for the modem, it may take few seconds.
  • after verifying the internet, it will send you to the wifi settings window. here you need to choose your wifi name and password and click on next.
  • now, it will check for firmware update, so you need to wait for a while,
  • once your firmware, will be updated. you will able to see take me to the dashboard option. you need to click on it.

Finally, your belkin router will be setup. you may go ahead and try to connect your devices to the wifi.

If you have any other query, you may leave a comment below.

we will reply it with the solution.

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5 thoughts on “How Can I Install Belkin Wireless Router| Belkin Router Setup

  1. Hello,
    I have belkin ac1200 wireless router, just bought it from wall mart. now i am trying to configure it by following the instructions given by you.
    But my router is not detecting the internet connection at all. I am getting blue light on my modem. If i plug in my old router. it works fine. but if i go with the new belkin router. it does not detect the internet connection. what can be the reason behind this problem?

  2. Hello admin,
    I am really thankful to you, because you saved my day. my boss asked me to install new belkin router. but i didn’t know how to that. when i came to support article. i found all instructions. so i configured it by myself.
    once again, i am really thankful from the bottom of my heart. please keep doing great work. you writting it in a proper way. i liked it.

  3. Can you tell me how can i find belkin router setup? i need to setup my belkin router. but don’t have disk with me anymore.

    1. to install belkin router, you don’t need setup disk. you can directly open the belkin setup page by typing the ip address on the top address bar.

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