How Can I Troubleshoot Belkin Router Blinking Orange Problem | Not Working ?

Solution for belkin router blinking orange or flashing amber/ yellow light problem.

Today’s question has been asked by Myra Joseph from UK. Her belkin router is blinking orange, due to that she can’t access the internet. She tried few things to fix her router. But unfortunately, she can’t access the fix the problem.

That’s why she came to us and ask for the help?

actually, she is not only one, there will be so many people facing belkin router is not working problem at the same time. That’s why we decided to write an article on why is belkin router blinking orange and how can we fix this issue.

let me tell you, this problem may be because of several causes. today, in this post, we will discuss, how to fix belkin router blinking orange problem?

So If any of you are going through the same problem as well. you need to read this post and follow the steps to fix the problem.

Identify the Cause Behind Belkin Router Flashing Orange Problem-

When you will get blinking orange light on your belkin router. do not forget to check the internet status. make sure you are getting internet on your modem.

belkin router blinking orange

To check the status, you may connect your pc directly to the modem and then try to access the internet.

let’s see if you can access the internet or not?

Somehow if you are unable to access the internet via your modem. it’s a problem from your ISP. in this case, you need to call your ISP and ask them to fix the problem.

But if you can access the internet from your modem but it’s just the belkin router. which is not working. you should not worry about it at all, because we can help you in fixing the problem

How To Fix Belkin Router blinking orange Issue- 

belkin router blinking orange, belkin router not working


  • Turn off your belkin router and wait for 1 minute. now turn it back on.
  • turn off your modem and computer as well, and wait for 1 minute and then power them back on.
  • once the Devices will be turn on, you need to wait for 1 minute and then check do you see solid green light or blinking orange light on the router?
  • Check the cable connection between belkin router and modem. make sure your modem is connected from internet port of the router.
  • Check PPPOE settings (if you have). make sure you are typing correct username and password for your account.

If you don’t know the username and password for your pppoe connection. you may call your isp and ask them to reset it.

  • in some cases, we have seen, people are having difficulty with belkin router blinking orange problem, just because their modem is not able to identify the belkin router.

If you are having belkin router blinking orange problem. you can also victim of this problem. in that situation, you should do mac cloning on your belkin router.

After cloning the mac address you need to reboot your belkin router once and then try to access the internet.

  • Do not forget to check for firmware update. be sure, your router has an updated firmware. you may find the latest firmware from belkin website

Reset The Belkin Wireless Router(If still not working)- 

belkin router not working, belkin router blinking orange


Do you still see the blinking orange or solid yellow light on your wifi Router? Arghh…..

If your reply is yes?

Now it’s a time to reset the wireless router. so you need to press and hold the reset button on your Wifi router for one minute with the help of pin or paper clip and then release it. You will find the reset button on the top or bottom of your router.

You will find the reset button in the bottom or top of your router. it will be with the green light

Once you will release the reset button, you need to reboot the belkin router, and then try to setup belkin router again.

Finally, I hope now you will get rid of blinking orange light on your router. if you have any other question, you may leave the comment below.

We will reply it with the solution.

21 thoughts on “How Can I Troubleshoot Belkin Router Blinking Orange Problem | Not Working ?

  1. I am a belkin user for 10 years. I bought first belkin router in 2007. it was Belkin f3 something model number. In 2015, my belkin router got dead. So I bought a new belkin n300 wireless router.
    It has worked fine until July 2016 but then started creating so many problems. I am going to point them down below.
    1. Every morning, when I try to surf the internet. I found my belkin router blinking orange. so I have to restart my modem once and then it starts working fine.
    2. I am having frequent disconnect problem with one windows pc. Each time, when I try to connect my pc to the wifi.
    Sometimes, it shows the limited connectivity, and sometimes, it gets connected to the internet successfully, but after few hours it just disconnects itself.
    Then I have to restart my computer and router, after that it connects itself.
    3. If there is a power outage in my area, once the power comes back, I find my belkin router blinking orange again.
    To make it solid green, I have to struggle a lot. Sometimes, I get tired of this all. Then I turn off the router.
    Now My question is, why am I having this all problem with the belkin router and how can I fix them. Please help me in fixing the issue. I really need the solution for belkin router blinking orange problem.

  2. Thank you for sharing a life saving article, last night i was struggling with belkin router blinking orange light problem. i fought with this problem till 2 hours but i got fail. So i went to sleep.
    When I woke up this morning, I visited your blog and followed up the steps to fix the problem. it is working fine now. i am really happy with your work. please keep doing amazing job to help people.

  3. We experienced a LONG power failure last night that lasted 5-6 hours. This morning, we have internet service as our hard-wire computers are working fine, but we have no wi-fi in the building. The Belkin router is flashing orange and despite trying to re-boot the modem and the router MANY times, the router continues to flash orange… I am presuming I need to “re-set” the router, but your explanation of this process is a little confusing… Can you explain the process in a little simpler terms..? Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much admin, my belkin router was not working yesterday. but i fixed it by myself with the help of your article. thank you so much.

  5. Hello, few months ago, i bought a new belkin router. it was working fine until last night. but suddenly, my belkin router blinking orange.

  6. Thank you for sharing amazing article on belkin router not working. after reading your blog, i had fixed my router problem by myself.

  7. My belkin n150 wireless router blinking orange. i tried to check the connection. everything looks fine. but it’s just the router not working. how can i fix my belkin router is not working?

  8. About a day back, i changed my ISP, so have a new modem. now i am trying connect my existing router to the new modem. but my belkin router is blinking orange. can someone tell me, how to fix it?

    1. Did you tried to clone the mac address? if you didn’t then you need to follow the instructions given below:

      • open the belkin router setup page.
      • Go to mac address or phyical address.
      • Click on clone button

      Now your wireless router will reboot itself. so wait for 30 seconds and see, is your belkin router blinking orange now? from my point of view, it should not be. but somehow if your belkin router is not working.
      You need to restore it, it will start working fine.

  9. Today,
    I was planning to play a game on my xbox. but when i tried to load the game. there was no internet connection. so I checked my belkin router. there i found flashing orange light on my router. may i know what is the reason behind this problem?

  10. I have shifted my home from california to new york city. so i got a new internet line connection. but i still want to use my old belkin router?
    that’s why, i installed my belkin router into the network. but when i try to connect my devices with the internet. they are not getting internet and i am getting flashing orange light on belkin router.

    1. you are having ” belkin router blinking orange problem “ just because your modem is not able to identify the router. so you should do mac cloning once. it will start working fine.

  11. Hello belkin Community,
    I am having difficulty with xbox and belkin router. sometimes, it is connecting with the belkin router and sometimes it is not. what can be the reason behind this problem?

    1. Did you check the wifi range? your xbox should be placed in good signal strength area.
      Also, you should not forget to do port forwarding. may be the firewall is blocking your xbox to stay connected with wifi. once you will do port forwarding. your xbox will start working fine.

  12. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. this article is magic. i was going through belkin router not working problem, but after reading this post. i fixed my problem by myself. i really appreciate your efforts. please keep doing the good work.

  13. I have a new belkin wireless router, it was working fine until last night. but suddenly, it has start giving flashing orange light.
    now i am wondering, why is my belkin router not working. as per your instructions, i have checked the router settings and connections.
    Nothing wrong with them. the problem seems to be something defferent.
    Can you tell me, what else can i do to fix the belkin wireless router?

    1. I think you should try to do mac clonning once.after that try to access the internet. let’s see if your wireless router is working or not?

    2. I think there is some problem in installation process. so you should try to factory reset your router and then setup it again.
      I will start working fine.

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